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Deutschlandweiter Abholservice - kommt auch zu Ihnen!
Whisky Herbst 2023
Charity Auktion zu Gunsten der Berliner Stadtmission
01.09.2023 in neuem Design sowie mit einigen Neuerungen und Präsentation auf Berliner Messen

Sell with us

Flexible pick-up service

We offer the possibility of a free personal collection of your bottles for our auction in Germany. If you are interested, simply send us an e-mail.

Live sales overview

A self-updating sales overview shows you the current status of your revenues at any time.


For depositors we offer a very simple fee structure: 5€ per bottle, nothing else!

Fast payout

The proceeds are paid out quickly and easily directly to your bank account.

Auction calendar

In our auction calendar you will find information on the auction dates as well as the respective deadlines for depositing your bottles.

Digital deposit receipt

Using a simple input mask, we offer you the option of creating a posting receipt as a PDF document, which you sign and enclose with the parcel.

International trade

We offer highly secure international shipping with our packaging system. Our service provider DHL operates worldwide, so parcels are shipped quickly and safely, even overseas.

Presentation, all-round service

We take care of the complete product presentation for you, all lots are presented in a high-resolution 360-degree view and provided with a detailed description. From presentation to packaging and payment processing to shipping, we offer a complete service all around.

Drop off on site

Of course, it is possible to make an appointment to visit us directly - we are happy about every visitor.

How we work

Review and document:
When we receive, collect or are sent goods, they are first checked for completeness, intactness and authenticity. If necessary, we clean bottles or outer packaging and prepare the goods for our photo studio. Any special features or minor damage are documented.
We use our self-developed database system for this purpose; every work step can be traced there.
Detailed representation:
After the goods have been recorded and processed in the system, the next step is image generation. In our self-developed photo studio, 360-degree photos of the bottle and accessories are taken in very high quality. This way, buyers can later examine the bottles on our platform from all directions and zoom in on the smallest detail.
The protective inside:
We explicitly mill the necessary storage and shipping packaging for each individual bottle. Our high-resolution image generation enables us to create a high-quality 3D model for each bottle, which is divided into two halves. Our CNC milling machine, which is optimised for foam, uses this to produce the two foam blocks.
The protective shell:
Our packaging stands for safe shipping, secure storage and easy handling. The two inserts made of foam form the heart of our bottle packaging, they protect the valuable goods from external influences. The specially manufactured outer packaging then accommodates the bottle and foam with a perfect fit. The folding box with its flaps and overlaps ensures a stable hold.
Accessories for the bottle are placed separately in such packaging and, if necessary, additionally wrapped in bubble wrap. This method of working, in which the goods are packed immediately after all the necessary work has been completed, is the basis for an efficient storage system and extra fast dispatch. It also prevents damage and mix-ups during storage.
Finding not searching:
Our shelving system lays the foundation for super fast processing after the auction ends, so that the bottle reaches its new owner in the shortest possible time. We store the goods in our specially developed shelving system, which is precisely aligned to the special packaging.
All racks are computer-managed and their design is ideally suited to safely store the valuable contents. The bottles are protected against damage, stand upright in the racks and are stored in a dark and temperature-stable place.
Efficient - Secure - Fast:
For shipping the goods, we use specially made outer packaging made of robust cardboard. Different sizes are used depending on the quantity of bottles purchased at auction. The opening at the front of the special packaging facilitates packing and removal.
We can offer our customers very fast shipping because the foundations for this have already been laid in the packaging and storage.

Of course, collection from our premises is also possible by arrangement.
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